Terms and Conditions


  1. Banner advertisment is subject to terms and conditions agreed between customer and our sales agent.
  2. Banner advertisment once placed on the website can be cancelled with 3 days notice. However, there will be no refund for the balance time available for particular banner ad.
  3. Exisiting banner ad can be replaced by same customer once in a month. For any additional replacement in respective month will be charged additional.
  4. Position for given banner advertisment can be changed only once in a given month. For additional changes in given month will be charged extra.
  5. No banner ads will be accepted for Investment plans or adults products or Regulated products like wine, brandy, wisky etc.
  6. Ad content and design has to be provided by client and WAYTOMLM is not responsible for the content of the ad.
  7. WAYTOMLM is not liable for any false commitments provide by Banner advertisment of third party on our website.
  8. Each position will be allocated to more than 1 customer. Hence, your banner ad may go on rotation in given position.
  9. Banner ads purchased under Special offer are reserved for 15 days only. If ad is not placed within 15 days, order will be cancelled and there will be no refund.
  10. Special offer on banner ads are at companies descrition and it varies from position to position.
  11. Special offers on banner ads are limited period offers and can be closed any time.
  12. Renewals of banner ads are always at actual price and special offers are not applicable at the time renewals.
  13. WAYTOMLM Marketing services once purchased will not be refunded or replaced.
  14. Prices for WAYTOMLM Marketing services may change any time with or without notice. Hence, confirm the prices with our sales agent before placing your order.
  15. We do not gaurantee on number of leads, sales or revenue though our marketing services.
  16. Our data is purchased and acquired from genuin sources. However, we do not gaurantee the accuracy or reliability of the date used for sending mass emails or bulk SMS.
  17. WAYTOMLM will not provide or sell data base in any form to our clients.

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